A whole lotta firsts

This is my first official blog post to start off the summer! I can’t wait to share my experiences here in New York with you.

I arrived in NYC last Wednesday by bus from Dartmouth. The bus ride was long, and I was about an hour late so I was already exhausted. So when I arrived, I was glad to see my dad waiting for me to take me to Brooklyn! We finally got to my apartment and after climbing the four brutal flights of stairs up with all of my bags, we got to meet my roommate, James. He had the apartment all set up for us, and my room is beautiful. The apartment has hardwood floors throughout and is definitely a standard, quaint NY-style apartment with some old-school charm. I already love it here!

Of course the first thing we do is go grocery shopping and find our way around the neighborhood since it was our first time ever to be in Brooklyn (and my first time to be in NYC for more than a few hours). Luckily I’m kind of in the middle of everything, so there are a ton of good restaurants, laundromats, and grocers around. There’s a cute little Mexican place around the block that has some delicious salsas, tacos, and soups so I’m pretty sure that will be my go-to spot this summer. Other than that, there’s a fantastic little coffee shop around the corner that was recently featured on Humans of New York, and right next to it is an authentic bagel place that’s delicious. Luckily the prices are reasonable, so those will become my weekend breakfast spots for sure.

Today, I started my internship at JDRF! I was super nervous but really excited to start. I was the last one to start since my school ended so late (my last final was just a week ago, so I couldn’t start earlier). I enjoyed meeting everyone around the office and going through orientation. The highlight of my day, though, was going to lunch with a woman named Mari who has been with JDRF for 3 years and is from Panama. She took me around a few blocks on Broadway, and we went into Trinity Church a few blocks down. She told me all about the history of the building and others around it, and I even got to stand on the same spot that Queen Elizabeth II stood. The church was, of course, gorgeous inside and out. Mari also told me about the choral concerts that they put on at Trinity Church and other churches in NYC; I’m a huge choral geek as I was in choir for years throughout elementary, middle, and high school, so this made me extremely excited! I plan on going to at least one of these concerts in one of the beautiful churches, and I hope to find someone to go with me (maybe Mari would be my choral buddy!).

Mari is obviously a huge history buff, and she had so many suggestions for fun ideas and spots around New York. One of the places she suggested was the Frick Collection, which is part of the Met. It’s a huge house that has a lot of beautiful artworks and collections inside, and Mari said that it is easier to digest than going to the Met, since you’d have to dedicate a whole day just to one aspect there to truly appreciate it. I think that my mom and I will go visit the Frick Collection when she gets here in a couple of weeks. I can’t believe she’s going to be here so soon! Hopefully I’ll have a bit more experience with the city so that I can really show her around and have a good time.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m truly exhausted but the first day was great and I can’t wait to go back and learn some more! But for now, it’s time for bed.



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